A Unique Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Furthur is our primary distinguishing factor. Unlike traditional investment funds that focus exclusively on the economic returns of the dollars invested, Furthur’s model gives equal weight to the value of the product, as measured by its ability to provide significant value to hospitals and health systems. Furthur defines success as the ability to deliver above average investment return by supporting those early stage companies who are focused on solving the most pressing needs of the industry. Furthur believes that by finding and supporting companies creating solutions that hospitals actually want, the fund will be able to deliver outsized financial returns to its investors.

Defining What We Are By Describing What We Aren't

The innovation ecosystem is filled with a multitude of well-intentioned constituents but they are all pursuing their own agendas because there is no incentive to align their interests. For example, while a consulting firm, healthcare incubator, and hospital CEO may share a common high-level goal of driving innovation, their definitions of success and compensation metrics are not at all similar. Jeff Immelt once remarked that success depends upon alignment of heads, hearts, and wallets. At Furthur we embrace this philosophy and have created a vehicle where the success of the individual constituents can only happen by the achievement of a common goal.

We leverage the best attributes from multiple participants in the innovation ecosystem but perate differently than all of them.

We are not an incubator: but we follow a defined curriculum that has repeatedly proven to be effective with healthcare startups.

We are not a consulting firm: but we have decades of relevant experience that we draw upon to help our entrepreneurs and partners

We are not a traditional VC fund:
but we incorporate a rigorous screening process and follow a disciplined investment approach