A Fund That's Not Just a Fund:

​While Furthur does invest in the startups we work with, it is not a fund in the traditional sense. Most funds raise capital from a wide range of investors, none of which are strategically engaged or focused in the market the fund is investing in.

Furthur believes that a hospital system’s investment capital can do more than simply drive financial returns. When effectively deployed, the investment capital of a health system can provide not only financial returns but also strategic returns that drive down the cost of healthcare, increase revenue, and provide a higher level of care. 

A Fund That's Better Becasue It's Different

  • Traditional funds focus exclusively on economic returns whereas Furthur will seek to deliver superior returns while also striving to meet the strategic needs of our partners/investors.
  • We only invest in entrepreneurs/startups who are committed to creating solutions that can improve the quality, efficiency, or economics of care.
  • Our investors are hospitals and health systems because they are the ones who need innovative solutions and, in our opinion, the ones most deserving of the economic upside.
  • We employ a proprietary, proven curriculum to support our investments.
  • We have a tiered, goals-based, investment model that is designed to reduce risk. In order to receive the next tranche of funding, the startup must achieve predefined objectives: on time and on budget. This model enables us to lock in our ability to increase our investment as the risk of failure diminishes.
  • Furthur will serve as a collaboration platform and focal point for innovation.
  • We provide much more than funding to startups because it takes far more than money to successfully launch a new healthcare solution into the market. Our platform provides the guidance and structure entrepreneurs need to succeed.  

The Fund:

Furthur is an early stage venture fund focused exclusively on companies that are committed to improving the quality, efficiency and ecomomics of care.

We have a unique, partnership based model with 3 primary objectives 

1 – Bring More, Innovative Solutions to Market
2 – Reduce the High Failure Rate of Startups
3 – Provide Superior Returns to its Members